Acer leads the way for PC Gaming in India


SANJEEV MEHTANI Country Manager- Sales, Acer India

PC gaming is turning out to be a favourable choice among millennial gaming enthusiasts, and this shift can be attributed to factors such as quality of gameplay, affordability, availability of high-end hardware and software, and improved internet bandwidth. Hence, the best PC games getting more demanding and more comprehensive than ever. PC with the best processors and graphics cards, reliable and highperformance laptops is a must in today’s gaming industry. In terms of gamers today, we not only have a strong community of serious gamers, but casual gaming enthusiasts have also flourished significantly in number. This paradigm shift in the gaming sector can be attributed to technological advancements that have brought forth a more exciting revolution to gaming PCs.


Acer has brought in revolutionary and market-leading products from entry-level to hardcore gaming laptops. As a company we are known to bringing in latest technology first to market. We were the first to bring in 11th Gen Intel Core processor based gaming laptops, first to bring the latest NVIDIA 3060 based gaming laptops. This is backed by industry-leading cooling technology which helps to deliver consistent gaming performance by keeping the machine at optimal temperature. Our complete line-up of gaming products starts from Aspire 7 gaming laptops for casual gamers, Nitro for enthusiast and Predator for professional gamers. These are complemented by a range of gaming accessories and high-end monitors.


Our strong line-up of products has helped us becoming one of the leading PC gaming brand over the years but this would not have been possible without the support of our partners. Acer’s efforts have far beyond having world-class products. For the last five years, our Predator Gaming League has been one of the most sought after e-sports event in the calendar. This initiative is a testament to India being an important market for Acer’s consistent efforts towards building a strong gaming ecosystem in India and empowering gamers through several programs and initiatives.


I believe, while mobile gaming offers convenience, and mobility but PC gaming offers a professional, graphics-intensive, and high-end gaming experience. Gaming laptops these days are not just thin and light but also come ready with high refresh rate displays, larger battery life, high-end graphic cards, fast processors, and enhanced cooling systems. PCs allow better control over the game, allowing you to incorporate various gaming accessories such as gaming keyboard, mouse, headset, etc. that only boost your in-game experience. With technology evolving at an exponential rate, the gaming industry will see revolutionary growth in years to come with new trends shaping up the gaming landscap in the country.