Amazon wins the battel against Reliance-Future deal


It is true that, how better you form the law. As a global technology giant, Amazon has better exposure then Reliance and Future. There was a legal battle between Amazon and Future Retail dates back to August 2020.


Amazon has won the legal battle against Future Retail, meaning that the retail giant’s sell-off worth ₹24,000 crore to Reliance Retail is now off the table.


The Supreme Court of India on Friday, August 6, upheld the emergency award given to Amazon by the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) last year. Honorable Supreme Court said that arbitration restraining Future Group’s deal with Reliance Industries is enforceable.


The dispute has started, after Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Retail agreed to buy Future Group’s retail, wholesale and warehousing assets for ₹24,713 crore.


Amazon had 3% stake in Future Retail through its 49% shareholding in Future Coupon, objected to the deal. As per their deal, Future Group was barred from selling any of their assets to several companies, including Reliance.

The Future Group’s chief executive Kishore Biyani has claimed that the Reliance acquisition deal was a “saviour for them, their employees and shareholders.” He noted that Future Group had reached out to Amazon eight times in 2020, seeking financial help.


However, the e-commerce giant never offered any support.


As part of the agreement, they could have provided us funds through affiliates or financial institutions by taking over loans from existing lenders, but they never did despite the agreement clause and our request,” Biyani had told the Economic Times.

He also emphasised that Amazon was aware about the Future-Reliance deal.