Attack on Constitution a vicious conspiracy: Sonia Gandhi


On the eve of Republic Day, Congress president Sonia Gandhi accused the government of having hatched a “deep rooted conspiracy” to set a divisive discourse based on religion, regionalism and language to divert attention of the people from “economic mess”, “administrative bankruptcy” and “all round recession”.


Gandhi, in her Republic Day message, said the Constitution and its values today are being attacked by way of a concerted and vicious conspiracy and argued that an unprecedented atmosphere of disturbance, fear and insecurity has been foisted upon the country.


Her attack came at a time when protests against the new citizenship law and NRC are continuing across the country. Gandhi, however, did not mention either of the issues.


Arguing that “every letter of the Constitution” is an “eternal path of governance for the democratically elected rulers”, Gandhi said, “Constitutional principles are being systematically encroached upon as also the independence of Constitutional institutions is being scuttled at the whims of autocratic authoritarianism. It is, therefore, the duty of every citizen to stand united in defence of the Constitution.”


Gandhi hit out at the government, accusing it of mismanaging the economy. While agriculture and the farmer are standing on the verge of devastation, the youth is ravaged by unfathomable unemployment and recession, she said.