Aus Olympian’s girlfriend got pregnancy after retrieving sperm from his dead body


Ellidy Vlug announced in the Instagram that the baby is due in October and also revealed that the couple had been dreaming of a baby for years.


Nearly a year after 32-year-old Australian Olympic snowboarder Alex Pullin’s death, his girlfriend of eight years, Ellidy Vlug, has announced that she’s pregnant with his child.


Vlug revealed she conceived through IVF after retrieving sperms from Pullin’s body hours after his death. In an Instagram post, the 29-year-old has announced that the baby is due in October.


She wrote on Instagram: “Bubba Chump coming this October. Your Dad and I have been dreaming of you for years, little one. With a heart-wrenching plot twist in the middle, I am honoured to finally welcome a piece of the phenomenon that is Chumpy back into this world!


When my love had his accident, we all held on to hope that I’d be pregnant that month.