Avaya with Save the Children to work for maternal and new-born healthcare services

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Avaya is working with Save the Children, the international non-governmental organization that supports children in developing nations, to improve maternal and new-born healthcare services in Pune, India. Project Kushal, which is also supported by Pune Municipal Corporation and other organizations, will give expectant mothers access to support and information through the childbirth process, while ensuring needed medical interventions can be made in time, helping to save new-born babies lives.


By deploying Avaya’s web-based video conferencing solution, the project aims to improve patient care and staff efficiency, strengthening healthcare services in the targeted region. This Avaya-sponsored initiative would benefit over 2.7 lakhs households in the Pune district of Maharashtra State.


Project Kushal will enhance mentoring and improve quality of maternal and new-born care in 16 health facilities in Pune, with an IT-enabled network connecting tertiary health-care facilities, general and maternity hospitals, dispensaries and other medical facilities.


The network will enable exchange of technical know-how, mentoring, supportive supervision and bridge building between academia and health program managers. By targeting to transform medical colleges into collaborative centers and enhancing knowledge and skills of 211 health care providers (paediatricians, gynaecologists, medical officers and nursing staff), it is envisaged that the project will result in better mentoring and improved quality of maternal and new-born care in Pune.


 “We are delighted to roll out this project in association with Save the Children, to fortify healthcare services in Pune. Through this project, we are determined to put technology to the best of use to scale-up healthcare facilities for the mother and the new-born. Avaya continues to help state governments to bring out infrastructural transformation and speed up overall development and bring in more efficiency in the existing systems,” said Vishal Agrawal, Managing Director, India and SAARC, Avaya.


Kunal Kumar, Municipal Commissioner, Pune Municipal Corporation mentioned, “We are thankful to AVAYA, Save the Children and all the partners for having Project Kushal in Pune. I am sure all partners together will work towards this project and will bring desirable changes in the health care systems.


 Sandhya Krishnan, General Manager- Save the Children’s Maharashtra State Program, mentioned, “It’s been two years we have been closely working with Pune Municipal Corporation on our Citi Health Plan 2017-2020. KUSHAL project will support in system strengthening by building capacities of the people who are an integral part of the health care system. We are glad that we are able to take one of the recommendations from Citi Health Plan forward through this project.”

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