Bengal FM claims that India might have lost 35,000 HNIs under Modi regime


West Bengal finance minister Amit Mitra has highlighted a troubling trends on Thursday which says that India may have lost 35,000 high net-worth individuals to other countries in the past six years during the regime of Narendra Modi.

Quoting multiple sources, Mitra’s statement underlines the flight of capital, puncturing the chest-thumping claims of the Modi government that India has become one of the most sought after destinations for investors.

The Bengal FM questioned if the departure is linked to “fear psychosis” which prompted the millionaires to look for greener pastures. 

“Under Modi govt, 35,000 Indian Entrepreneurs of High Net Worth LEFT India between 2014-2020, as NRI/Immigrants. India RANKED No 1 IN EXODUS IN THE WORLD. WHY? ‘Fear psychosis’?? PM must place WHITE PAPER to Parliament on massive flight of entrepreneurs during his Regime,” tweeted Mitra.

Continuing with the thread, Mitra wrote how some of the haloed names of India Inc came under severe criticism during a recent event of a business chamber.

“Recall 19 minutes of TIRADE against Indian business by Piyush Goyal, reportedly saying business practices of INDIAN INDUSTRY WENT AGAINST NATIONAL INTEREST — short of calling them ANTI-NATIONAL. Breeds ‘fear psychosis’, motivating EXODUS? But, the PM did not rebuke Goyal. Why?” Mitra tweeted.