Bhojpuri actor Trisha Kar Madhu trolled after private MMS video gets leaked

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Bhojpuri actress Trisha Kar Madhu is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Trisha’s private MMS video has been leaked online which has caused her distress. In the video, Madhu is seen spending private time with her so-called boyfriend. After the video got leaked, Madhu took to social media to warn the people who reportedly made the video go viral on social media.


However, she did not clarify who shot the video, or how did it reach the social media platforms. Madhu also put out a Facebook post where she said: “God is watching everything. In a bid to defame me, some people made this video viral. I did not even imagine that some people of Bihar are having such low standards.”


After the video went viral, the actress was even trolled on social media, with many saying that she did this intentionally to get publicity. Reacting to the same, Trisha shared another post on Facebook and said,” You all are saying that I made the video. Yes, we did make the video but I did not know that someone will backstab me. Anyone will do such a thing to degrade me, I never thought or I never knew.”


In another post, the actress reacted to the Bhojpuri industry and claimed that no one is a saint in this industry. She said that people should not force her to speak up or she will say the truth. She hinted at the casting couch and said that at least she loved someone and was with him rather than going to hotel rooms with someone for work.

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