Biden’s Physician Kevin O’Connor Faces Scrutiny Over Close Ties with President’s Family

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Washington, D.C. — President Joe Biden’s reliance on White House physician Kevin O’Connor for health assessments has come under scrutiny due to O’Connor’s close personal and business ties with the Biden family. The physician, who has been at the center of speculation regarding the president’s health, is not only a family friend but also once explored business ventures with Biden’s brother, Jim.

In 2017, while Jim Biden was seeking contracts with the Veterans Affairs Department, O’Connor introduced him to a military-focused medical team and attended a meeting with a hospital president. This connection highlights the blending of personal and professional relationships, with O’Connor writing to the hospital president, “You and your team clearly share our vision,” following the business meeting.

President Joe Biden walks off stage after the debate.

The family ties extend beyond business dealings. In a 2018 deposition, Sara Biden, the president’s sister-in-law, described O’Connor as a “friend” who frequently provided medical advice to the Biden family. After Joe Biden’s vice presidency ended, O’Connor, then a government-assigned military doctor, emailed over a dozen Biden family members, expressing how important they were to his life.

The New York Times recently reported that O’Connor met with a specialist in Parkinson’s Disease who visited the White House eight times in eight months, sparking renewed speculation about Biden’s health. White House spokesperson Andrew Bates responded by stating that various specialists from the Walter Reed system regularly visit the White House to treat military personnel.

A February memo from O’Connor to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre indicated that a neurologic exam of Biden showed no signs consistent with Parkinson’s or other neurological disorders. Despite this, experts in presidential health have expressed concerns about the potential conflicts of interest due to O’Connor’s close ties with the Biden family.

Matthew Algeo, a historian and author of “The President is a Sick Man,” commented, “You’re working for the guy you’re examining, and he’s your buddy. It’s just a lose-lose situation.” Similarly, Bert Park, author of “The Impact of Illness on World Leaders,” emphasized the need for independent oversight of presidents’ health, calling the Biden family bonds “one of the many concerns.”

O’Connor first served as Joe Biden’s physician during his vice presidency and continued to provide medical advice to the Biden family. His involvement intensified during Beau Biden’s battle with terminal brain cancer from 2013 to 2015.

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden walk.

In October 2016, O’Connor invited Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, and other family members to his retirement ceremony, underscoring the personal relationship. This relationship persisted after Joe Biden left the vice presidency, with Jim Biden pursuing healthcare ventures in mid-2017 with Americore, a troubled hospital chain. Jim Biden aimed to use Americore facilities to house veterans seeking treatment for alcoholism and PTSD, hoping to ease the backlog of patients seeking care from the Veterans Affairs Department.

As scrutiny over O’Connor’s role and relationships continues, the intersection of personal connections and professional responsibilities raises questions about the transparency and accuracy of the health information provided to the public regarding the President.

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