Canon Celebrates Children’s Month in line with Children’s Day


Staying true to its corporate philosophy of ‘Kyosei’ – living and working together for the common good, Canon India curates a month long Children’s Day celebration this year. Harnessing its compassion for children, with a firm focus on both its CSR initiatives viz. ‘Adopt a Village’ and ‘Support a Life’, Canon means to bring in a positive change in the life of these children and have a sustained and profound impact on their development.


With a number of considerate activities accomplished as a part of Children’s Day celebrations, the vision is to give these children a platform to experience the outside world, and inspire them to dream and work towards a brighter future for themselves. The initiatives are aimed at familiarizing the children with the fast and futuristic world outside, which remains beyond the purview of their day to day life. Realizing the significance of persistent-efforts towards fulfilling the noble cause, Canon is determined to continue with such sustainable undertakings, to bring in a worthwhile impact.        


Actively leading the celebrations from the frontline, Kazutada Kobayashi, President  & CEO of Canon India paid a visit to the SOS Village, Alibaug, early last month.  The celebrations correspond to Canon India’s ‘Support a Life’ initiative, aimed at supporting education and overall development of children in these villages.


One of the key highlights of Kobayashi’s visit to the SOS village was his interactive session with the children, where he motivated the children to learn, grow and be successful in life. Children brimming with energy and enthusiasm showed their family homes to the Canon team and expressed themselves in the form of storytelling and singing. The event was concluded with gift distribution for the children; comprising Football, Volleyball, and Badminton along with various stationary goods.


Elaborating on Canon’s CSR initiatives and Children’s Day celebrations, Kazutada Kobayashi, President  & CEO, Canon India, said, “The key driving force behind these initiatives is the necessity to secure and empower the children, who are the future of the nation. Our objective is to positively impact their lives and help them transition into responsible citizens of the country. Treading on these line-of-thoughts, this Children’s Day we marched forward with our efforts aligned to create a better and brighter future for the children of the country. I am pleased to see the eagerness of these children to learn and grow in life and it gives us immense pride that our organization at large is involved in the development of these little ones.”


Following his lead, Canon conceptualized a month-long celebration for Children’s Day, across all its locations in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. To strengthen increased education and learning for the children, Canon employees joined them for day long excursions, including locations like aquarium, planetariums, science city and Canon’s regional offices.


Canon regularly organizes interactions of children with its employees, under its CSR ‘Canon Involve’ activities. This includes constant engagement of its employees with children to enhance their holistic and sustainable development, provision of eye care facilities through Canon Vision Centers and supporting the environment in the villages. These initiatives by Canon India are a commitment to handhold the future of the country into meaningful, well-developed and responsible lives ahead.


Canon India has recently been honoured with the CSR Impact Award in the space of ‘Employee Volunteering’.


Below are some testimonials shared by Canon employees, post the wonderful experience-


 “I am thankful to Canon for organising such a wonderful activity wherein I could connect with the lovely children who were so full of enthusiasm. Great learning experience too, as in the hustle bustle of work we don’t really stop to admire and appreciate what we have. Something we get to learn from these children” – Nisha Gokuldas, BIS division, Mumbai – Canon India


“It was such a wonderful activity. I recollect my nostalgic memory while spending time with children’s. It was very joyful to see the satisfaction on their faces when we took them to the Aquarium, Planetarium and to Mc Donald’s . The trip was an educational and interesting experience for the children. We should keep doing such activities for them. I would like to thank Canon India and the Regional team for giving me such a wonderful opportunity for being part of this initiative”– Kishore Chindarkar, ICP division, Mumbai, Canon India


“Satisfaction is not always the fulfilment of what you want, it is the realization of how blessed you are. This is what I learnt that day from those cute eyes of the children, their happy faces filled my heart and gave me eternal peace. The happiness on their faces was such a satisfying sight for me, when we took them to the Science city, specially the ride of ages of Dinosaurs.  Their smiles were magical like the December rain. I really felt great being a part of this activity and I would be happy to participate in them in the future” – Saikat Kundu, Marketing Programs, East, Canon India