Cement giant Lafarge accused of financing terrorism in Northern Syria


The top court of France has said on Tuesday that cement giant Lafarge should face investigation on charges of complicity in crimes against humanity for financing the terrorist group Daesh/ISIS in northern Syria.


The Court of Cassation also put up charges saying that the cement giant financed terrorism. The top court has thus asked the lower court to reconsider the case with different judges while overturning an appeals court ruling dismissing charges that Lafarge was complicit in a crime against humanity.


It contended that only the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights could be involved in the case as a civil party and that the anti-corruption group Sherpa would not be involved.


Documents obtained by Anadolu Agency did show the involvement of the cement giant. The company is also believed to have told French intelligence agencies about its ties with the Daesh/ISIS terror group.


The documents exposed how Lafarge, charged with complicity in crimes against humanity over funding Daesh/ISIS operations in Syria, had a relationship with Daesh/ISIS that French intelligence was fully aware of.


Documents showed that French intel agencies used Lafarge’s network of relations, its cooperation with terror groups in Syria, and meetings to get news from the region and maintain its operations there. They also revealed that French intelligence did not warn the company that they were committing a crime.