Centre using Citizenship Amendment Act as political tool, says Abhishek Banerjee


Abhishek Banerjee said Centre is using Citizenship (Amendment) Act as a political tool to achieve political gains.

Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Abhishek Banerjee on Wednesday lashed out at Centre on several issues including the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and said BJP-led Centre is using CAA as a political tool to achieve political gains.

Speaking to party workers in Assam, Banerjee said, “Home Minister Amit Shah is saying two different things in Bengal and in Assam. CAA is a political tool of BJP for attaining its political goals. Our stand on CAA has been clear from day one. We oppose the draconian bill,” he said.

The TMC national general secretary slammed the BJP for maintaining silence over the CAA and National Register of Citizens during Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to Assam, while announcing plans to implement the same in West Bengal.

He said CAA is the only act which does not have a rule for the last two-and-half years and the BJP is taking extensions every six months.

“CAA was passed in the Lok Sabha in 2019 and within a month it came into force. Generally you need three months maximum to frame the law. It has been two-and-half years since the bill was passed. I wonder why Home Minister Amit Shah in Bengal said when Covid gets over CAA will be implemented. After coming to Assam he was not speaking about CAA,” he added.

Speaking about TMC’s role in Assam politics, Banerjee said, “We are not here to replace anyone. We will go to the people of this state. When we [TMC]enter a state we will fight the political battle all out. We will do everything possible to remove the BJP government. There are many like-minded parties here who want to come on board. We welcome all like-minded parties who wants to fight BJP.