Chief Minister Kejriwal is prepared for the COVID-19


In an exclusive news release over Linkedin said, I have received the report from the panel of doctors headed by Dr. Sareen recommending measures to prepare for a potential Stage 3 outbreak of Covid-19 in Delhi. We are ramping up our capacity for an eventuality of 1,000 daily positive cases, for testing, treatment, and isolation.

We are also enhancing the capacity to make sure no one goes hungry during the lockdown. Until yesterday we were feeding 20k people in 224 shelters. From today we will feed 2 lakh people through an additional network of 325 Delhi govt schools. Tomorrow onwards we will be able to feed 4 lakh people.

I have also asked all MLAs to work with their local communities to ensure no one in their constituency goes hungry. This is in addition to the relief effort being undertaken by Delhi govt. Just like we cannot let anyone die of Coronavirus, we cannot let hunger take lives.

I want to thank all the social, religious and other organizations that have come forward to provide relief. You are all serving humanity and your nation in this crisis.

Lakhs of Delhi residents have come from other states. CMs and people from those states have been writing to me to help these people. I want to assure all – migrants in Delhi are Delhiites. They’re our responsibility. We will do everything in our capacity to help them.