College degrees not always required for skill-based jobs: Ivanka Trump


Ivanka Trump, an American business woman and a senior advisor to the President of USA Donald Trump since 2017, was the invited guest for “The Path of Future Work” talk program at the ongoing CES 2020 in Las Vegas.


Ivanka was on the stage with the host of the show Gary Shapiro. While discussing on job creation, apprenticeship programs and skill training in the United States, Ivanka said the commonly held belief that college degrees are needed to enter the workforce, was misplaced. While it is a ‘great path’, it is not right for many and not chosen by most Americans while favouring skilled based hiring.


She further added, “Innovation is a net job producer. Jobs will be created in the industries that don’t exist even today, because of innovation”.


Notably she was criticized for being a keynote speaker instead of women with better credentials in technology.