Could iPhone SE 2 bring breath to Apple to survive longer


iPhone SE 2 is the phone was waited for a long time. Unfortunately, due to the widespread outbreak of the Coronavirus, the wait became a little longer than expected. iPhone SE 2020 – the cheapest iPhone Apple has ever made.


The iphone SE 2 is not a very special phone but not Just an iPhone 8 with iPhone 11 Brains. The most important is one can’t be proud of owning a new model of I phone, since, it may surprise you if iPhone SE 2 a new iPhone or an old iPhone.


The good part is the processor has used in iPhone SE is of iPhone 11 in a mid-range smartphone. This alone made the new iPhone SE all-powerful in terms of processing speed and features in that price range.


It is true that it is an affordable phone ,when we talk about owning a iphone . Now with the present pricing and mobel, Apple had reinvented with it’s available and unsold stocks of iphone 8 and iphone 11, has bought the iPhone SE 2020 .


It is a powerful phone with affordable pricing only for the iphone who want to buy and may not be good for the android lovers, it is available with various other options.


iPhone SE 2020 is absolutely a budget phone with latest Apple A13 Bionic Processor, with 4.7″ Display, TouchID, Wireless Charging and IP7 protection.


When we see and examining the new phone iPhoneSE 2020 with iPhone 8 and iPhone SE in a quick side-by-side comparison ,we found this is just an iPhone 8 with iPhone 11 brains in it. Thanks to the engineers are working for Apple, bringing such a phone, after taking the feedback users behaviour.


During this pandemic it has lower down the spending capacity of the individuals, this low cost phone can be an alternate for the Android users to switch over the iphone, if they wish to own . Apple brought back everything with iPhone SE even it’s battery issues.


There are various type of users, like some like a small phone and others go for bigger phone, People who liked the iphone 4,5 and Se wanted a newer small iphone. Hence, this phone is good for them to own.


iPhone SE vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR Camera Comparison. It shows the new 2020 Apple iPhone SE 2 vs iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR. Camera Test includes night mode, 4K video, Portrait mode, slow motion and more. It’s like putting an iPhone 11 power into iPhone 8 body.


Many  reviews claimed that this cheapest iPhone ever was already ahead of the curve than the best premium Android smartphones from Samsung, Goole Pixel and Motorola,which are in the price range of $500.


There is no doubt on when we compare such factors of the premium Android smartphones, the dominance of the new iPhone becomes more visible.


Key Highlights:

# Both the processors are based on a 7nm processing chip component.

# Qualcomm still lags behind Apple’s A13 bionic processor in terms of overall CPU and GPU performance.

Apple A13 processor is still 25% faster than the Snapdragon 865 series. Whereas, Google is trying to launch its own chipset to compete with Apple.


The weakness is it has only a single rear camera and lacks features like Night Mode, Slofie, Deep Focus, and also does not have Face ID. Hope Apple had kept this option open knowingly for the next version to get launched with other new model.


Lastly, Apple iPhone SE seems to be offering value for money in this price segment. Considering the key features and branding by keeping security in the back-up of mind the new iPhone SE may bring some breathing space for the growth, as on date it would be the best recommended smartphone in the price-range of 500 USD.