COVID – 19 (CORONA VIRUS) : The origin is yet to confirm


US President Donald Trump referred to the COVID-19 as “Chinese virus” to which China raised objection as and vehemently denied any wrong doing.


Now, the Chinese government and media is claiming that the US was involved in the virus outbreak in China. On March 12, China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijan claimed on Twitter that the Virus had arrived in China from the United States. Chinese officials say that during the Military World Games in Wuhan in October 2019, the US Army athletes brought this virus with them.

Not only this, it was also being propagated that this virus spread in Italy before it got to China. But China has been on the receiving end of severe criticism for its negligence in dealing with this virus that has become a threat to the whole world.


On March 11, 2020; COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. AIIMS, Delhi has created this portal to update all with recent developments in the country and the institute.



*I firmly believe that there is always a reason or purpose behind everything that happens in the Universe, which includes earth and planets. No doubt the outbreak of COVID-19 is a great disaster globally, and I urge everyone to follow strictly the directions of lockdown and social distancing, issued by the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister. But Corona, I feel has corrected human beings and our system in many ways and taught us many life-changing lessons.


  • Out-break of Corona has made us understand that we are all equal, regardless of caste, race, religion, culture, occupation, financial position.


  • This tiny virus Corona can be transmitted without any barrier of territory, region, or biological structure. It reminds us of how human beings are biologically connected.


  • It teaches us how it is difficult to live in isolation and advises us to be patient and do not be panic in case of a crisis in life. It made us express concern about our family members and making our stay in our houses.


  • It cautioned us about the importance of our health and how to take care of our health, how precious our life is, and our duties towards the society.


  • It reminds us that air, food, water, medicine is essential, as opposed to the luxuries that we sometimes unnecessarily give value to. It teaches us to have some purpose or goal in our life. Otherwise, life is meaningless.


  • It has diluted our egos and reminds us that no matter how great we think we are or how significant others think we are, a virus can bring the world to a standstill. This pandemic has united the world as a whole.


  • It cautioned us about the strength and power of nature, and to care for it, and made us believe in spiritual, natural, or cosmic energy. It has shown that our scientific innovations and sophisticated technology is inadequate to deal with the situation.


  • It has the effect of reducing pollution, and many species of animals are coming out of the surface, due to changes in the environment.


  • It sensitizes us about respecting human beings, constructing hospitals, protecting the environment, protecting animals, birds, wildlife, rather than temples and statutes.


  • We have learned that Disney has no more magic, Paris, New York, and other countries of the world are no longer romantic. Hugs and kisses are dangerous, and visiting parents becomes an act of love.


  • It made us realize that power is not so valuable, and money is not so important. A tiny virus can disturb the entire economic system of the country and the world, and even science and our technology could not stop it.


  • It has also exposed the economic disparity amongst people in this country of 1.34 Billion, and how it’s challenging to control corona due to poverty, millions of casual workers, poor living conditions and illiteracy of the people.


  • It has also exposed woefully inadequate public health system, need to increase health facilities, failure of our research institutions to find the solution, mindset of the people, and rethink about our mistakes.


  • It has taught us to live online.*


*In the last 7 days:*

  1. March 21st ( 283 cases) –

March 22nd ( 396 cases )

Increase by 39.92 %f


  1. March 22nd ( 396 cases) –

March 23rd ( 468 cases )

Increase by 18.18 %


  1. March 23rd ( 468 cases) –

March 24th ( 566 cases )

Increase by  23.43 %


  1. March 24th ( 566 cases) –

March 25th ( 645 cases )

Increase by  13.95 %


  1. March 25th ( 645 cases) –

March 26th ( 720 cases )

Increase by just 11.62 %


  1. March 26th ( 720 cases) –

March 27thh ( 886 cases )

Increase by just 12.30 %


  1. . March 27th ( 886 cases) –

March 28th ( 933 cases ; as of now from covid19india.org)

Increase by just 5.31 % as at 5 pm 28th March 2020.


Is Lockdown for 21 days working ?


YES!!! It is  and all thanks to the PM Modi for taking this important steps.


The rate of increase has declined and probably the situation is getting stable. The only solution is please stay home and urge others to stay Home as well.