Covid-19 has brought the biggest transformation in the mankind


 As remote working has become the new normal with the outbreak of Covid-19, cybercrime has reached a new height. Today we are living in an age of digital transformation, but unfortunately as seen in the last 20 years, the industries were never able to accomplish this transformation before COVID-19 broke through. The pandemic has forced us into this digital transformation. Everything has converted our world – fun, entertainment, communication, watching movies, banking transactions, purchasing, teaching & learning and our social interactions into one single gadget. This is a new paradigm, home and laptop have become the harsh realities of today’s existence.  To live in a safe and peaceful manner, responsible digital learning is required.

The Cyber Security ecosystem is a very complex network where at large points vulnerabilities arise. It might be caused due to data, servers, ports, and lack of patch management, organizational culture or the lack of direct training imparted to that particular individual. It might be because of any other physical factor too. There are instances wherein physical factors have played a key role. The main thing would be first an organization’s CIO, COO or CEO should know the nature of cyber security it requires. If they do not understand the requirement of their organization then there is a chance of cyber breach. “Until and unless we understand the old data lifecycle from the company’s creation, last usage interface, it will be extremely difficult to understand what will be the nature of cyber security. However, there are standard systems which are operating all over the globe. It is also happening that cyber security is getting weaker by the day.

We are living in an age where cyber security is a very dynamic field. If you are not ready to understand and learn, all the standards will become next to impossible to keep yourself set.  A decimation of most of the enterprises happens because of the lack of cyber security. MS Office is the largest targeted software and nearly 70% of the attacks happen on it. But all of us use this because we do not have a choice. We must be ready for an attack. Since, everyone connected to an enterprise is not able to understand the cyber security ecosystem, the persons who are providing the resources are also unaware as to what they are providing. This is the crux of the problem, the subset where security experts stuck up and went for management approval. They are not able to explain that in case of a cyber-breach.

The average time needed for that particular detection is around 200 days. We have to be always ready for an attack. And the more you prepare, the better place you are. So that is the strategy to an undeclared war, which is going on. Hackers have to look for only one gaping hole by which they can attack and we have been hearing of these attacks over and over again. As attack is obvious, it is always suggested to have resilience. The CIA Triad (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) is the key on which the whole functioning of the enterprise runs. Hence, it is your capability to bounce back into business in the shortest possible time, at least with the skeletal services, this is the capability which all the customers are looking for. Nobody will believe that they are absolutely safe and nothing is going to happen. Even if it does happen, you have the capability to safeguard at least the most vital of all information. Going forward, cyber Security will be a great factor in the company valuation.