COVid Sample Collection Kiosk from DRDO:COVSACK


Based on the available evidence, the COVID-19 virus is transmitted between people through close contact and droplets. The people most at risk of infection are those who are in close contact with a COVID-19 patient or who care for COVID-19 patients. DRDO had taken the step towards bringing state-of- art , indigenous technology to protect the lab from colleting the samples from various Kiosks established across the country.

So far successful containment of COVID 19 is testing the patients with oral swabs and isolating the positive cases, as there are no drugs to cure.

COVSACK (COVid SAmple Collection Kiosk) is a kiosk that can help health care workers take samples from suspicious patients, without the need of PPE kits. It is designed so that the Kiosk can be disinfected automatically without any help of human personnel by its inherent features.

Key Features :

• Minimise use of PPE for every sample taken from suspected case of COVID – 19.

• Auto disinfection facility with inbulit sprayers of disinfectant solution & water followed by UV lights disinfection.

The chamber is designed and built with access to health care worker from outside to take a swab from the suspected patient. The shielding screen of kiosk cabin protects the health care worker from the aerosols of the patient while taking the sample. This minimizes the use of PPE ( Personal protective equipment) by the health care worker for each sample taken.

The autodisinfection by sprayers mounted in the kiosk cabin, disinfects by spraying 1% sodium hypochlorite solution for a period of 1 minute to leave the walls of chamber disinfected. It will be further flushed with water from the inbuilt sprayers & UV light disinfection.

One way communication established to give commands to the patient while doing the procedure of sample collection making it versatile.