CP caters to the varied security requirements of millions of users across the country


Aditya Khemka, Managing Director – CP PLUS      

“Even with so many uncertainties surrounding humanity lately, the industry has noticed a golden period where growth has surpassed precedent levels. As much as it has been a result of CP PLUS being an instigator for introducing new technologies to the Indian market, much of the credit for the overwhelming fame CP PLUS enjoys goes to the brand’s dependability and to the growing partner base. Channel Partners have always been the most intrinsic part for CP PLUS and to enhance partner relations and to provide them with a reliable medium to transact with the brand while supporting them with greater convenience, CP PLUS has also launched the CP Partner Platform along with many applications that are hugely beneficial in the surveillance sector. We have established the best-in-class infrastructure and immaculate company culture to extend our uninhibited support to our partners, forever and always.

CP PLUS, as a brand, is dedicated to continuously offer more and more new and proficient solutions that cater to all the varied security requirements of millions of users across the country. Being a well-trusted brand with quite a deep understanding and know-how of the security and surveillance needs of the rapidly changing time, CP PLUS stands un-rivaled when it comes to conceptualizing customized and best-suited solutions for the security troubles of corporates and public enterprises as well as educational institutes and entire smart cities. CP PLUS is today more than 10x bigger in size and volume as compared to other Indian brands in the surveillance industry, thanks to our technology, product quality, service, customer connect, reach, manufacturing ability and among other things.

Our wide range of comprehensive solutions and products is monitoring millions of locations across the globe in diverse geographies, from highly sensitive defense locations, government buildings, vital infrastructures of transportation, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, shopping malls to homes, and even streets with a highly satisfied customer base. Subsequently, CP PLUS has secured railway stations, airports, police stations, courts, and monuments across the country, apart from umpteen private sector verticals.

There are many new and relevant technologies that we have developed recently, and which are doing great in the market and have shown how along with the nation, we can achieve mutual success. The changed scenario has brought on changing demands and to meet them, we have launched those solutions which have immediately proven to be quite beneficial for the current time. By understanding the rapidly changing as well as challenging needs of the time, we come up with unparalleled products that are affordable and have been designed for sustainable use. Our innovation capabilities and the latest technologies coupled with value-added services show the difference. Our continuing and dedicated investments towards designing and developing more and more proficient solutions is also the reason behind our rapidly rising market share. We will always remain dedicated to enable customers to gain more value and effectively secure their property.

Complementing Digital India

In the entire surveillance industry, the CP PLUS manufacturing facility is the largest CCTV manufacturing plant outside of China in the world. In line with the vision of Atmanirbhar India, we have achieved absolute localization and indigenization of our production process and in just a short span of time, we have become able to produce 1 million units of surveillance devices every month. 

By 2022, CP Plus is investing further into a new manufacturing plant which will be Top 3 in the World by far in Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh. This new facility will have the capacity to produce 3 million units per month, with a further scalability to 6 million units on a monthly basis in the coming 5 years. We stand committed to the vision of our Prime Minister, and we are already doing Complete-Knockdown (CKD) manufacturing for 98% of our devices in India.”