Crayon Software Joins Hand with CRY to Restore Children’s Rights

To build a strong foundation for future generations, Crayon has joined hands with – Child Rights and You (CRY), the non-governmental organization. Under the umbrella of CRY, Crayon launched a project called ‘Sparsha’ – An initiative that aims to remove hurdles that stand in the way of a child’s right to education. Crayon has adopted Sparsha Center in Sion Koliwada, Mumbai. Crayon will be taking care of quality education of over 100 students from nursery to senior secondary school.
At Crayon, we sincerely attempt to address serious social concerns in every possible way. With this initiative, we wanted to ensure that these kids’ study in a school, which has all facilities including library, laboratory and sports ground. We are thankful to CRY for letting us contribute to make a positive impact on society and young minds,” said Vikas BhonsleCEO at Crayon India.
Apart from Sparsha, Crayon also organises various events to encourage corporates, businesses, employees to support children in any way possible. Last month the CRY-Crayon duo organised a theme-based event across all its India offices, where the employees were encouraged to show their support for children by becoming a YellowFellow.
It was heart-warming to conclude YellowFellow event successfully last month. The main objective was to encourage more and more businesses to support children and their right to a happy childhood. We must say, we got too many Yellow Fellows to rely on,” said Vikas.
All of us spend an incredible amount of our time and attention in ensuring that we are ‘raising our children right’ by giving them the right education and preparing them for a better tomorrow. While all of this is definitely important, the most important thing we can do for our kids is really quite simple, “Just Make them happy” and our association with CRY has given me an opportunity to reach out to children who deserve to be happy,” said Melody LopezCHRO at Crayon India
By spearheading such corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Crayon continues to impact lives and contribute to the development of the education sector. While Crayon as a company continues to support such causes, they also encourage employees and communities around them to volunteer in social causes such as blood donations, minimizing carbon footprints, reducing waste, and many more.