Customer experience is top focus for CIOs


New research revealed that CIOs sit at the center of virtually every major business initiative in today’s digital-first economy, with businesses tapping CIOs to digitally transform their organizations and help shape their return-to-work plans. It found that 98% of Indian CIOs (compared to 92% in U.S., 83% in EMEA and 94% in APAC) reported an increase in their responsibilities.


While customer experience is a top focus for CIOs, the new “work from anywhere” environment has evolved CIO’s priorities to be first and foremost, employees and then customers. Today CIOs are leveraging external customer journey management practices and applying those same principles internally to enhance their own employees’ experiences.


In just a year, we all went from a world with digital capabilities to a digital-first economy, which placed immense pressure on many leaders, including CIOs—many of whom were tasked with taking on a range of new responsibilities.


Besides the pressure to accelerate their organization’s digital transformation at record pace, they had to embrace their expanded role and influence as an opportunity to drive progressive digital-first programs and further collaborate with other business leaders to succeed in today’s new digital-first reality.