Cyber security risks are on the rise with more people work from home: Delhi Police

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As businesses embrace digital transformation and new ways of working, keeping sensitive information safe is a growing challenge for employers and employees. cyber security a lot harder when your attack surface — the culmination of all the networks and systems you use for work — is sizeable.


 The new digitally enabled, dynamic workforce can operate from various locations, and these remote workers introduce new identity-assurance problems. Delhi Police have issued an advisory regarding cyber-crimes in the wake of #Coronavirus, warning people against fraud and scam schemes. Proprietary corporate data is being accessed from laptops and home PCs that in most cases do not have the same level of firewall and security as in-office setups.


Cybercriminals are also exploiting the general fear about the pandemic through email scams, ransomware attacks etc. As most people work from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, cyber security threats are also on the rise. So much so that the Delhi Police issued a warning today with a list of simple dos and don’ts to help protect your data and your system.


Companies, large and small, will be impacted due to ramifications of work from home, as this will lead to cyber security risk concerns. Management and IT managers will subsequently need to reassess the risk to their data, and proactively evaluate their data loss prevention processes, as this can impact their reputation going forward,” said Deepak Bhawnani, CEO at Alea Consulting.  


Cyber-criminals have been exploiting fears around the COVID-19 outbreak to conduct email scams, phishing and ransomware attacks. These emails and messages entice users to open malicious attachments by offering more information related to the COVID-19 situation but contain malicious files masked under the guise of links, pdf, mp4 or docx files. Said Anil Bhasin, Regional Vice President for India & SAARC, Palo Alto Networks


With employees working from home, cyber security threat multiplies, says Debasish Mukherjee, VP, Regional Sales APAC at SonicWall.


“These are exactly the times when hackers get creative with their malicious intent of hacking into devices and stealing data,” Mukherjee said.


Trishneet Arora, Founder & CEO of TAC Security speaks on the low-security standards of home Wi-Fi systems are a serious threat for the cybersecurity sector at the moment with data of millions of people at stake.

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