D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions extends its offering with a hotel CRM


In today’s hotel ecosystem, guest data is scattered across many tools: PMS, CRS, official website… which leads to unreliability. In a recent study, CRM experts at dailypoint™ analysed over 4.5 million guests’ profile across 120 hotels and found surprising statistics. The most striking is that the hotels had an average of 2.3 profiles for each of their loyal guests – in other words, these hotels thought they had twice as many loyal guests than they actually had. 


As consumers, we expect our interaction with a brand to be personalised, but while the benefits of personalisation are becoming more apparent, most hoteliers feel under-equipped to deliver on this new expectation. 


To help hoteliers make this required jump, D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions is launching a new range of solutions, powered by dailypoint™: GUEST MANAGEMENT. The new product family encompasses a Hotel CRM, Guest Loyalty, and Guest Feedback solutions, all fully integrated with the D-EDGE CRS.


GUEST MANAGEMENT is based on advanced technology – AI, automatic learning, and patented algorithms – to open up a world of possibilities for hoteliers to better target and automate marketing campaigns and offer a better experience to their customers. 


What makes this solution particularly appealing for hotels is the unique algorithm that captures data from multiple sources (PMS, CRS, WIFI, website, etc.), cleans it – removing duplicates, inconsistencies, etc. – and re-injects it into a single guest profile.


With centralised and reliable guest data, hoteliers can:

  • View and append data such as room preferences, interests, satisfaction, etc. 
  • Adjust the marketing pressure by unsubscribing or providing temporary email marketing breaks.
  • Fulfil guests’ stored data requests for GDPR compliance.
  • Go beyond PMS data with a visual timeline of the guests’ entire interaction with the hotel brand from website visits, email exchanges, on-site interactions, feedback, and remarketing efforts.


Pierre-Charles Grob, CEO of D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions, concludes “In the Expectation Economy we live in, customer data is pivotal for effective sales and marketing. With the launch of GUEST MANAGEMENT, we are offering individual and chain hoteliers a new component, integrated into our CRS, that allows them to consolidate data from multiple sources and shared with hotel’s operational and marketing teams to improve conversion, satisfaction and return rates”.