Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal thanks Delhites after his massive win


Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday thanked the people of Delhi for keeping their faith in their son (him) and the tremendous support for his Aam Aadmi Party as it looked set to sweep the assembly elections for the third time.


“The people of Delhi, you have done an awesome job. I love you,” he said to a cheering crowd.


Flanked by his wife, Sunita, daughter Harshita and son Pulkit, he peppered his speech with victory slogans urging the audience to complete them.


“Friends, I want to thank all the residents of Delhi from the bottom of heart for keeping their faith in their son for the third time. This is not my victory, its the victory of everyone in Delhi. It’s the victory of all those families who considered me as their son and gave their tremendous support and voted for us,” he said.


The AAP leader, who is set to be a third time CM, said his party’s win has given birth to “politics of work” in Delhi.


In the run-up to the assembly polls, Kejriwal had repositioned himself as a person focussing on the welfare of the people from being a person always at loggerheads with the authorities.


The win comes as a big boost as the AAP suffered a setback in the 2017 municipal election and was routed in all seven of the Delhi’s parliamentary seats in 2019 as well.