Dell enables partners with programs to continue on their growth trajectory


After re-joining Dell 10 months ago Rola Dagher, Global Channel Chief, Dell Technologies feels it is an honour for her to lead the entire global channel organisation as an amazing team across the globe. In Q1 Dell’s revenue through the channel was up by 14% year over year globally. The revenue for the channel through the client business was up by 21% year over year and it is across all regions in all partner tiers. The server business was up by 12% year on year. The growth across all partner tiers and especially through distribution has been great. 


Enhanced GTM to attract more growth post spin-off VMware


In response to this Rola said, “Dell and VMware’s relationship has never been stronger. We have agreed on a unique differentiated commercial agreement that is going to provide our partners and our customers’ great benefits between our companies. By spinning off VMware we expect to drive additional growth and opportunities through Dell and that would be marking tons of value for our stakeholders. So there are zero changes that we are seeing right now and business as usual. Already we announced to our partners in the last quarter at Dell Technology World, a lot of programs that are actually going to give our partners more benefits through VMware, through our incentive programs.”


To redefine or refresh the partner program


On the planning of redefining or refreshing partner programs Rola commented, “There will be no changes in terms of the programs that we have announced at the beginning of the year. There will be an enhancement to what we do every day. In order to continue to be predictable we are remaining strong with the existing programs. For the first half and the second half of FY23 there will be announcements of changes and enhancements to the new programs. But it is all about ensuring that we remain strong and ensuring that we are listening to our partners and executing and strengthening our programs that we have in place today.”


Ensuring the channel community to continue on growth path


Through the unprecedented time Dell had ensured the growth for its channel partners, keeping this in mind Rola said, “We have been working extremely closely with all of our partners across the globe especially in countries like India to understand the struggles that the country has faced to put in place measurements in programs. Unfortunately in every crisis there is always an opportunity for us to do better and that is what we showed as Dell Technologies – how in the crisis we have empowered our partners, inspired them and we got out of their way so that they could go out and make an impact on our customers and communities.”