Dell partners with Chakr Innovation to address air pollution


Rise in the number of vehicles and emissions created from diesel generators are top contributors to air pollution, a recent WHO study confirms. With 14 cities ranked among the world’s top 20 most polluted cities, it’s a state of air pollution emergency across India. Dell has partnered with the Chakr Innovation which converts diesel soot into ink (POINK) through their retro-fit emission control device for diesel generators.


Dell believes that technology plays a key role in driving human progress. The company encourages sustainable innovations which helps reduce environmental impact. To share the larger sustainable innovation story and create awareness about the rising levels of air pollution, they organized a creative experiential showcase in Bangalore, India. The idea of the event was to reach out to a diverse set of audiences and drive the message of sustainability.


In an effort to create a larger appeal, they invited popular cartoonist N. Ponnappa to be a part of the event. Taking the message of sustainability forward, he sketched live caricatures depicting the harmful impact of air pollution on our health and the need to resort an environment-friendly lifestyle. While budding designer, Tahera Peeran showcased her stunning collection made with organic fabric and hand painted with diesel ink (POINK) to encourage the use of recycled products. Senior leaders from Dell like Rajeev Kapoor, India Vice President, and CSR champion highlighted efforts to reduce environmental impact.