Dell’s channel business continues to be the key pillar of India’s success


Anil Sethi, VP & GM Channels India, Dell Technologies has been driving Dell’s channel business growth by implementing unique GTM models that work with the DNA of Dell. Prior to Dell, Anil has worked in various organizations across infrastructure, software and services domains, in various geographies and in different capacities – both in customers as well as partners facing roles.


To redefine or refresh the partner program


In this context Anil said, “Channel continues to be the key pillar of India’s success and when I talk about better numbers to give you perspective – to put everything into perspective, the revenue growth in the country has been extremely strong and that is also reflecting in the market shares. That brought us up with the three to four percent year on year growth in the channel revenue. Our client business was high at double digit growth and same was with storage. The distribution business and sell through was extremely strong which was almost like 80% year on year growth in Q1. There are a couple of things that we have always focused on in India, that is we call it the TMT and we respect the time of the partner that they invest into the business at Dell Technologies.”


Partnership with Equinox


On the future roadmap of the company with Equinox, Anil pointed out, “This gives one of the biggest flexibility which comes to the customer is to use public cloud and hybrid cloud, and that is shaping the market. That is how the market is shifting to hybrid cloud. This also would help us completely change and shift this conversation from speed and feats to experience and outcomes. The customer and the partner get a great benefit out of the offerings.”


Readiness of Partners from a post-sale service point of view


Delving deep about the readiness of the partners, Anil said, “We started this exercise about a year back when we got our partners to take their skills and capabilities and what investments we make into services. We made a list out of the whole India system and we have selected some set of partners there, and out of our mettle partners there was a criteria setup and they had to qualify for that. Today, we have many of our partners which are completely authorized to support the entire portfolio.”