Digital Economy of India to touch $800 billion by 2030


India’s consumer digital economy which was pegged at USD $85-90 billion in CY 20, is expected to become a USD $800 billion market by 2030. The digital economy includes 60% of travel, 40% of non-grocery retail, 30% of education, 25% of food and beverages services and 6% of Pharma/Grocery going through digital channels by CY30, as per the data of RedSeer.


With this growth we could forecast on the next wave of entrepreneurs will create innovations which will make the Indian model successful globally. During these difficult time, most of the enterprises have faced the challenges is that their current levels of cybersecurity are not enough to protect their endpoints and servers.


The year 2020 has started with COVID-19 and a pell-mell shift to remote work, and finished with the gut-punch of a major breach that put hundreds of organizations into frantic assess-and-remediate mode. The consequences of the pandemic’s rapid shift to work-from-home — and the exponential adoption to cloud technology that it helped drive — include lesser visibility into the security ecosystem, lesser control of access points, and a larger, more varied attack surface for adversaries to target.


Over the course of the pandemic, there has been an escalating number of cyberattacks designed to exploit vulnerable remote workers and people who are desperate for information about the virus and vaccine. About 52 per cent of Indian organizations fell victim to a successful cybersecurity attack in the last 12 months. Of these successful breaches, 71 per cent of organizations admitted it was a serious or very serious attack, and 65 per cent said it took longer than a week to remediate.