Do you think Work-from-home is the new normal?


Organizations are thrown into a new paradigm where remote work, or oftentimes called “work-from-home”, is the standard in office culture to maintain operational and business continuity. With entire workforces connecting remotely through different devices, organizations have had to face many networking and security challenges. Now more than ever, a new network model is needed to deliver remote working that is scalable, flexible, agile, and secure. 


The dramatic increase in the number of remote workers and the lack of an adaptable and an agile network infrastructure to scale up and support day-to-day needs has created the demand for network resiliency and reliability. With users remotely trying to access cloud-hosted applications, on-premises applications, VoIP, Virtual desktop applications, together with SaaS applications such as Salesforce and Office365, security and performance demands skyrocket.


It is absolutely true that the transition to working from home was quite a shock. Indeed, at first, they were not sure they could be productive and questioned whether working from home would work for them.  The massive network traffic volume requires modern solutions that can be “work-from-home” seamless and secure.


Traditional network architecture implements manual device-by-device configurations and extremely slow remote site deployments that cannot meet modern requirements. Hence, there is a need for a resilient and reliable “work-from-home” solution and is the industry’s first to deliver SASE services and private connectivity for employees who are remote or working from home. So that the employees are able to securely connect to applications in both private and public clouds.