Dorf Ketal committed to bring positive changes in people’s life


The suppliers of process chemicals and additives, Dorf Ketal’s corporate social responsibility policies focus on eradicating hunger, poverty, health disparities and social injustice, particularly in the communities surrounding its offices and plants in India. It believes in empowering the communities which play a major role in the development of the company.

Dorf Ketal aims to serve for the welfare of the underprivileged. It helps the people in need by providing them the opportunity to reveal their potentials. And for that the company has tied up with different NGOs to run different programs to enable the underprivileged. In our last edition we spoke about Dorf Ketal’s association with three different NGOs which takes initiatives in skill and livelihood development. The company does not only focus on this particular program but also takes on Health and Sports development programs. It has collaborated with Maharashtra State Anti Tuberculosis Association (MSATBA) and Maharashtra Jan Vikas Kendra to fight Tuberculosis, Muktangan Mitra and Fateh Foundation for drug de-addiction program in Punjab.

Moreover, to bring out the talents of India in the arena of Sports, Dorf Ketal sponsor many budding sports person in the fields of Wrestling, Boxing and Archery. It also supports Mary Kom Regional Boxing Foundation.

Health Programs

Improving access to quality care and support for Tuberculosis and lung diseases in Mumbai:

Out of 1.5 million people died due to Tuberculosis, last year, India lost 280,000 lives. In-spite of spectacular interventions there were 2 million new cases in India. Around 60% incident cases are not recorded and there is an urgent need for all stakeholders to reach, treat and cure all those who are ill today. Delay in seeking care and diagnosis allows spread of TB. Thus to curtail the chain of transmission, people should adopt the strategy of Universal Access to care.

The Dorf Ketal Group has taken a CSR initiative in collaboration with the Maharashtra State Anti Tuberculosis Association (MSATBA) and Maharashtra Jan Vikas Kendra, Mumbai to improve access to quality care and support for Tuberculosis and lung diseases in Mumbai. It has initiated the program in the H/East ward of the MCGM at one Tuberculosis Unit (TU) located at the V N Desai Municipal General Hospital. Its intervention consists of the following components:

Appointment of Chest Physician:

The visiting Consultant Chest Physician currently attends the OPD twice a week providing expert care and advise to cases of tuberculosis that have varied presentations; complications and squeal of tuberculosis needing special attention as also adverse drug reactions; Management of drug resistant tuberculosis along with the attendant complications has helped the program enormously by averting the need for the sick patients to travel to the group of TB hospitals, Sewri, this has also reduced the risk of transmission to commuters. Apart from this many seasonal respiratory ailments are being managed by the chest physician.

Appointment of Counselor

The presence of a counselor at the OPD three times a week has enabled TB cases to cope with their psychosocial issues and helped in taking regular treatment. Counseling of patients is carried out at initiation of treatment and at follow up visits. Cough hygiene, nutrition guidance and many other issues are being addressed through these sessions.

Community Awareness:

Awareness regarding the disease and available resources in the public health institutions is poor among the community. This issue is being addressed through Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activities.
This is currently being carried out in collaboration with a local NGO – Maharashtra Jan Vikas Kendra which is working with the local mandals and conducting the awareness activities through screening of TB film and discussions.

Dorf Ketal has developed a system for data recording and will be able to see the impact of the program in the community through this.

Drug De-addiction Program in the District Tarn Taran, Punjab:

Backdrop of our Drug De-addiction Campaign:

Punjab, the land of five rivers, the sanctified place which has been blessed by ten Sikh Gurus, and many Pirs and the valiant warriors of the nation, is crying in agony today. The state which was once known for its sheer beauty, lush green farms, gleaming water streams, and stunning backdrops, is now popular for some spiteful reasons as well. Being home to beautiful cities that are dotted with resplendent shrines, Gurudwaras, temples, ashrams, and cultural monuments, Punjab has now fallen in a trap of a menace.

In Bhikhiwind and Valtoha Blocks of the District- Tarn Taran, Punjab (due to drug trafficking these blocks of border areas are severely affected) Dorf Ketal had interaction with many families and elders of these blocks and found that every second home of this region is badly affected with drugs, about 65-70% of youths of this region are suffering through severe drugs addiction problems and majority of them are victims of drugs like: opium, smack, poppy husk, brown sugar, synthetic drugs and alcohol etc.

Plan in action:

Dorf Ketal feels that it is a need of an hour to come out from the comfort zone and to do the needful to save youths of Punjab from the drug epidemic and to bring a normalcy in their beautiful life. As a responsible Corporate Citizen, Dorf Ketal has initiated a drug de-addiction campaign in collaboration with the like-minded NGOs viz; Muktangan Mitra, Pune and Fateh Foundation, Tarn Taran, Punjab in the above mentioned blocks.

It has provided an intensive training to about 32 highly motivated youths of the above mentioned blocks. The expert team of Muktangan Mitra and local expert doctors had provided the best training to these youths. These trained youths are now working in their villages (around 160 villages, covering about 4.00 lakhs population).

Through home to home massive awareness, its trained team of local youths is creating awareness in the region about adverse effects of drug abuse on person, family, society, economy and country at large. Dorf Ketal hopes this home to home awareness campaign will bring drastic reduction in the drug consumption and will give thought of radical change that is required in the system.

Besides this, it is providing diagnoses and medical treatment facilities to the drug addicts through experienced psychiatrist doctor and referring needy patients to the Muktangan Drug De-addiction Centre, Pune, etc. for treatment and rehabilitation.

Sports Development Program

Not only in the areas of women empowerment and healthcare programs, Dorf Ketal has also taken an initiative in Sports Development. The program is aiming to provide sponsorship by identifying sports persons of high calibers but they are from Economically Weaker Section (EWS). Most often such budding buds unable to blossom due to their poor economic condition and they lag behind irrespective of their good potential to grow. Thus, Dorf Ketal provide sponsorships to such sports persons to meet their requirements like, latest sports related equipment and accessories, sports nutrition, advance coaching, strength and conditioning performance training, national and international exposures and other incidental sports related expenses.

It is also supporting the Mary Kom Regional Boxing Foundation, Manipur (MKRBF) as well. It sponsored 2 boxing coaches and sponsoring their 2 upcoming boxers.

Presently Dorf Ketal is providing sponsorship to the following sports persons:

i. Wrestling:
a. KumariSwati Shinde (Silver Medal in the 35th National Games, Kerla)
b. Kumari Nandini Salokhe (Silver Medal in the 35th National Games, Kerla)


Ms. Swati Sanjay Shinde:

I had overcome the initial hurdles and proved my caliber at state and national level competitions even though my family is suffering through economic hardship.

My coach Mr. Dada Lavate is providing me the best coaching and motivating me to aim high. But to go beyond the national frontier one need proper diet, advance training etc. but due to economic hardship I’ve found it is bit difficult to compete at higher level. Meanwhile Mr. Sanjay Dudhane, Sports Journalist has suggested my name to the Dorf Ketal Group for its CSR Sports Sponsorship program and I’ve selected forits sponsorship. The sponsorship of Dorf Ketal include diet and nutrition support, strength, conditioning and performance development training from well-known performance trainer Mr. Darshan Wagh and reimbursement of other incidental expenses. It is helping me a lot to perform better. In the recent 18th Female Sr. Wrestling National Championship 2015, Delhi I’d given a tough fight to the top national players viz Ms. Nirmala Devi (34 years) – India rank 2, Commonwealth medalist from Haryana. Ms. Nirmala Devi was too strong for me and she had won the match in 1 minute, 20 seconds. Nonetheless, I gaveher a tough fight and kept the energy up throughout the match. Considering my performance against a much elder experienced athlete, WFI called me on stage and congratulated for my best performance. Now the President of WFI has included my name in the India Camp for enhancing my techniques and skills. I would like to thank the Dorf Ketal for providing me sponsorship at right time of my currier. It will help to achieve my dream to win an Olympic medal for my country.

ii. Archery:
a. Kumar Tanmaya Malusare (Qualified for the1st Selection Trial- Rio Olympic, 2016)
b. Kumar SanketPashte (Participant in Sub Jr. National Championship, 2016 Goa).
c. Ms.Snehal Mandhare (Bronze Medal in the 35th National Games, Kerla)
iii. Boxing:
a. Ms.S. Nengneihat(Silver Medal in the National Northeast Games, 2014, Manipur).
b. Master Kamtinthang Kipgen(Silver Medal in the State Level Boxing Championship 2014, Manipur)

Testimonial: Ms. S. Nengneihat:

I am very happy for being supported by Dorf Ketal towards my training expenses. I have always faced a problem in the past in meeting my requirements in training and exposure. We travel by road and train for 3-4 days and compete the next day in national championships, which is very difficult. But now I am told that my traveling will be eased. I am hopeful that this will in some extent help us perform better in competitions. I am even happier that we are now given 2 more coaches. Mr. Ojakishan is one of the most sought boxing coaches in the state with loads of experience. I am proud that I am trained by the same coach who had trained Mary Kom.
Thank you Dorf Ketal for your help and support. I will be at my best to give my performance and bring laurel to our country.

iv. Mr. Haresh Kamble:

He is upcoming sports shooter taking training under renowned coach Mr. Ronak Pandit.