Dorf Ketal touches every life with its developmental programs


In last two editions of SPO India it is highlighted that the supplier of process chemicals and additives, Dorf Ketal is committed to bring changes in the lives of the people. The company is running many programs such as skill and livelihood, sports and health programs with the help of different NGOs. Dorf Ketal not only enables people with livelihood programs but also ensures that the future of India i.e, the children should get a good education. It has started educational programs for the students who are poor and deprived of all the basic facilities. At the same time, it is also running programs with different NGOs for the specially abled children, to provide them all the modern ammenities and  therapeutic support so that they are able to compete with the rest of the world and face challenges in their lives.

i. Inclusive Center of Education, Mumbai

Dorf Ketal is supporting Inclusive Center of Education to enable deserving and differently-abled children so that they are able to improve their academic and social development skills and performance.

The Inclusive Center of Education is catering to the needs of many children by developing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), training for National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), advanced training in computers & graphics, curriculum designing and monitoring, etc.

The company is supporting two centers of cognitively-challenged children – one is at Andheri and the other is at Thane. These centers are well equipped with all modern facilities like a School Bus, CCTV Cameras, air-conditioned rooms and all modern amenities that are required for better education of special need children.

Its Vishesh Child Development Center is a one-stop multidisciplinary center for children, adolescents and adults who need help in developing themselves. It provides therapeutic and supportive atmosphere to the special children to deal with the challenges in life.

It offers the following Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Services:

• Psycho – Educational Assessment
• Remedial Education
• Occupational Therapy
• Homeopathic Consultations and Treatment
• Physical Therapy
• Counselling
• Play and Group Therapy
• Rehabilitative Services
• Transport facility, etc

At Vishesh, they aim to address every student’s individual differences and needs. The objective of all of their in-house activities is to integrate their specially-abled children in the general community at all levels as equal partners and to enable them to enjoy life with confidence.


Mrs Savia (Parent)
After I started sending my son Joel to the center, he has started following instructions properly. Now he participates in games, has started socializing and playing with other children, started going to shop on his own to purchase sweets and his language skills has also improved. He had even given me a glass of water when I was coughing without my asking for it. I am very happy with the progress he is making.

ii. Social Aspiration for Participatory Reforms by Evolved Manpower (SAPREM):

Dorf Ketal is also supporting the “Bring a Smile” school. It is a school for specially-abled children run by the SAPREM in the Dombivli. This school is providing special education to around 50 special children and helping them to learn and adopt all basic life skills to reduce their dependency on others.
The company has supported this school to update its infrastructure and to create conducive atmosphere for the special children to learn and grow in a more humane way. Besides this, Dorf Ketal is taking care of its operational cost as well.

With the help of the Dorf Ketal, SAPREM has modernized its special school and has brought happiness among the special children and their parents.


Mrs Vidya Milind Rumade,Parent Representative, with her son Master Aditya

The Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) had given two rooms to the SAPREM to run a “Bring a Smile” school in the K. B. Vira School, Dombivli. But the classrooms were in a very bad shape with poor condition of plaster, flooring, walls and wiring of electricity would have caused danger to the children. The classrooms were in need of urgent repairs and attention. But due to funding problem, the SAPREM’s management seems to be helpless. Meanwhile, Dorf Ketal has taken a call of SAPREM and did the complete makeover of the school by developing dilapidated classrooms into modern classrooms by providing all the latest amenities that are required for the special children. Now children sit in the AC classrooms and they are doing well. Teachers are now motivated with conducive working atmosphere and taking care of students and giving their best.

My son Master Aditya is an autistic and hyperactive child. He is attending the school regularly and is very active now. We are seeing continuous improvement in him. Now admissions of the children are increasing in the school.
We are very thankful to Dorf Ketal for supporting the school and our special children.

iii. Navdrushti

Dorf Ketal is implementing the following programs with the help of Navdrushti NGO in the village Dabheri, Taluka Jawahar, District Palghar

• An educational and school infrastructure development program in the Dabheri Ashramshala (Residential School for Tribal students)
• A livelihood-based skill development training
• A quality education for pre-primary children

Under the educational development program, the Dorf Ketal Group has adopted the Government Madhamik Ashramshala Dabheri situated in the remote village of Maharashtra, for a holistic development of tribal students. They provide education up to the 10th class to 723 students. Before Dorf Ketal’s CSR intervention, the school was grossly deprived from basic infrastructure facilities. To provide a conducive atmosphere to the students, the company has initiated to build the infrastructure facilities. The initiative assisted government’s efforts to improve the quality of education for tribal students. The kitchen’s condition of the School was unhygienic wherein food was prepared for the residential students. Now, with the CSR initiative, the School is having a well-equipped Modern Steam Cooking System with a finer shed which is saving time, maintaining food nutrition intact and has reduced 50% fuel consumption. Let the best education and facilities be accessible to all.

The Ashramshala does not have proper set-up of school infrastructure like modern hygienic kitchen, residential accommodation facilities for the students, proper classrooms, toilets and bathrooms for girls and boys etc. Thus, after assessing the needs of the Ashramshala, the company has taken the following CSR initiatives in collaboration with the Navdrushti for improvement of the school:

• A hygienic kitchen with modern steam cooking system to cook food for students
• Digital classrooms to provide quality education to students
• Fans, tubes and exhaust fans in the classrooms to create conducive atmosphere in the classrooms for students to study well
• Sport Development Activities
• Shoes and school bags for students
• Clean toilets and bathrooms
• Training & Development program for teachers, etc

Quality Education for Pre-Primary Children

Dorf Ketal has renovated the Kusambipada Anganwadi (ICDS), wherein the company is providing nutritious food to eradicate malnutrition problem of the children. Further, the company has provided chicken birds to the families of malnourished children so they can provide daily eggs to their kids and increase the number of birds to earn income out of it. It may work as a long-term solution to solve the chronic problem of malnutrition.

Digital Education

The Dabheri Ashramshala was facing a problem of inadequate teaching staff to provide universal and quality education to its 723 students. Thus, to address this problem, Dorf Ketal has started Digital Education classes for the students of 1st – 10th standard. Now students’ attention span has increased considerably and they are getting best quality education in a conducive atmosphere.


1. Mr M. S. Bairam, Headmaster, Shaskiya Ashramshala, Dabheri, Taluka Jawahar, District Palghar
The Dabheri Ashramshala has introduced the following things due to the CSR initiative of the Dorf Ketal in collaboration with the Navdrushti:

• The quality of teaching and learning has increased tremendously due to starting of Digital Classes for our students.
• Due to the complete transformation of bathrooms and toilets, the girl students have benefited a lot.
• The health of the students has improved and they are away from the water-borne diseases due to installation of Safe Drinking Water system and hand wash station for them.
• Food is important for better health. Due to the construction of fine kitchen shed and an installation of modern Steam Cooking System, students are getting nutritious food. The Ashramshala is able to save 50% gas cylinders because of this modern cooking system.
• Now classes have been illuminated by LED bulbs, classrooms are ventilated due to fitting of ceiling and exhaust fans.
• The school bags and shoes distribution program has helped our disconnected (from mainstream) tribal students. Now they look like students of urban school.
• Teachers Training Programs are helping teachers to keep their knowledge and skills updated.
• Your Library and Reading Room program is helping students to get updated about the current affairs of the world. We thank you and wish your support will be continued for the betterment of our tribal students.

2. Kumari Vandana Gotarne, 10th Standard Student, Dabheri Ashramshala, Jawahar

Our residential school has got a modern steam cooking system with fine shed, digital classes, projector, water purification system, hand wash station, hygienic toilets and bathrooms, fans, LED bulbs, shoes, school bags, etc. All these things are beneficial and help us in our studies. These works of Navdrushti and Dorf Ketal are beneficial for the development of our school. Thus, we are proud of them and we wish that let their work continue with the same zeal for our school.