EGK Foods signs Celebrity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi as the Brand Ambassador


EGK Foods, a Startup India registered food processing organization that uniquely offers ‘Crispy Fried Onions’, being India’s only brand of packed ready to use fried onions today announced India’s celebrity Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi as their Brand Ambassador. Considering Chef Harpal’s passion and contribution towards the Indian FnB sector, he is but the best fitted name to be associated with the brand. This partnership will help elevate the brand’s presence and maximise reach into the Indian market. The NamakShamak and Turban Tadka famed Chef Harpal’s name is the most recalled when it comes to desi Indian cuisine likewise be it biryani, namkeens or any humble recipe that needs fried onions, EGK Foods’ ‘Crispy Fried Onions’ is the answer as it helps cut down time and give the best in taste and texture!


The association will not only help the brand grow leaps and bound, but with Chef Harpal Singh’s experience and insight, it will make ‘Crispy Fried Onions’ a household name be in any part of India and EGK foods soon will become a sought after name in the professional kitchens be it namkeen makers, dark kitchens, biryani centres, restaurants or any five star kitchens of reputed hotels.


Speaking on the brand ambassadorship, Mr. Satyajit Roy, Founder, EGK Foods, fondly known as the ‘OnionKnight’ in the industry said, “We are ecstatic beyond words and welcome Celebrity Chef, Harpal Singh Sokhi, as the brand ambassador of EGK Foods especially for the brand ‘Crispy Fried Onions’. This is the best possible union and we couldn’t think of any other name. Chef Harpal’s expertise lies not only as a chef through the incomparable Turban Tadka TV show, but through his past associations, which have taken many homegrown food brands into the big leagues of the FMCG industry. With the addition of some NamakShamak and delightful recipes using our packed ready to use fried onions from the most affable name in the F&B industry, we are confident of culinary experience par excellence and the company’s dream of making EGK foods a domestic name is now within our reach, sooner than we could imagine.”


Adding his bit to the recipe of making EGK Foods a household name, Celebrity Chef and Presenter Chef Harpal Singh joyfully stated, “I am so happy to share that I am now part of EGK Foods, to provide a solution not only to professionals in hospitality industry but to home Chefs as well. y tearful onion story goes back to the starting point of my career as a Chef where I was only peeling, cutting and browning onions in the first few months. Many end up not browning but burning the onions hence spoiling the taste. Now no one needs to spend exhaustive man hours in cutting and browning the onions, we provide you with the best quality Crispy Fried Onions to make life in kitchen easy and simple. The brown ‘Crispy Fried Onions’ are made from select fresh red onions, fried in sunflower oils and have a very special flavour and taste perfect for all cuisines. They are absolutely best for making gravies at home or for catering as well as hotels. It provides instant solution for namkeen factories as it also controls oil usage in cooking and processed in most hygienic conditions. I was impressed by the factory when I personally visited it. The fried onions can be used directly, grind to a paste and sprinkle for garnishes.”


This brand association will help EGK Foods to establish the ‘Crispy Fried Onions’ brand all over the country not only as a B2C brand but also provide B2B solutions for major players like biryani houses, Namkeen houses which use these onions for many combinations. ‘Crispy Fried Onions’ are not made from dehydrated onions hence they do not taste bitter. They have a caramel flavour and taste sweet as onions should. Going forward, EGK Foods plan to launch basic onion pastes which are currently not available in the market. This will allow the customers to customize the dishes as they can then add spices of their choice and the main ingredients to complete the dish.

About Crispy Fried Onions:

–       Made of fresh onions

–       Fried in vegetable oil

–       Packed and stored in convenient quantities of 100 gms, 250 gma, 500 gms and 1 kg

–       Priced between Rs. 60 /100 gms and bulk is different

–       Fresh onions directly from the farms from Maharashtra

–       Shelf life of 9 months

–       Available at amazon and many stores

–       How / Where can it be used?  Gravy base, garnishing and just a snack too