Enzen hosts a unique global programme for a sustainable environment


HackerEarth has been chosen by Enzena global professional knowledge practice that focuses on gaining, refining and sharing expertise in the energy and utilities sector, to host their first global programme in the field of energy conservation and environment protection called the Sustainability Programme. The programme is aimed at finding solutions to support the company’s vision for a sustainable environment.


Affordability, accessibility and availability of power and water are amongst the major concerns for governments, utilities and corporations across the globe. According to the UN, 52% of the projected 9.7 billion people will live in water-stressed areas by 2050. It is also predicted that by 2050, 70% of the population will be living in cities and they will consume 80% of the world’s energy. The key to any country’s development is to sustainably harness and judiciously manage resources, thus catering to the changing needs of society. The aim of this Sustainability Programme is to improve the quality of life across societies and to proactively address the current and future challenges that countries are likely to face.


The online programme which began on June 08, 2018 consists of three phases. Phase 1, which is the registration and idea submission stage will end on August 19. In the next phase, ending October 15, qualifying teams will be required to submit prototypes of their idea. In the final phase, shortlisted candidates will be invited to Enzen’s offices either to Bangalore or London on November 24 for the final presentation and demonstration.


The jury will evaluate all ideas and base their final decision taking into account four aspects, namely sustainability, security, affordability and quality.


The three winners of the Sustainability Program will not only receive cash rewards, but also will get the chance to further develop their ideas under the mentorship of experts from Enzen.