Fenexa and Est global forays into crypto trading league in India


Fenexa Technology Private Limited, (ftpl) new delhi in collaboration with Est group based at cic, mit, boston is soon launching the digital exchange in india in may 2020 as situation improves after the corona pandemic. It is the precursor to the launch of crypto trading league (ctl), a big incentive to crypto traders of the region.


Amalendu mukherjee ( founder, fourth dimension solution limited) , the chairman of ftpl stated that the recent surge in the popularity of crypto currency had led to dramatic increase in trading volumes on many exchanges around the world thus ensuring a large market and scope for the icex (integrated crypto-exchange) platform. He further confirmed that it is an attempt very different from just being a crypto-exchange. It not only connects players to the fest exchange but also motivates the traders to gravitate to the exchange via ctl.


Sindhu bhaskar, the co-chairman of est global further confirmed that the larger vision of icex is to connect this pioneering platform to the other verticals of est group and their partners in india like inmicrofinance, tramo, cashless bazar and above all, advisory mandi.com. It will become the centre for creation of digital assets and wallets available for all heralding financial inclusion and seeding development efforts in the remote hinterlands of india. It thus becomes the centre for development par excellence.