Fire destroyed more than 100 acres of wheat crop in 7 villages

Behtagokul. A fire broke out in wheat fields in Tara village on Wednesday afternoon. The fire spread due to strong wind and destroyed more than 100 acres of crops of farmers of six nearby villages. 
There is resentment among the farmers due to non-availability of fire brigade even after the information.

A fire broke out in the standing wheat crop in the farmer's field of Tara village at around 12 noon on Wednesday. 
By the time the villagers could control the fire, due to the strong wind, the fire spread to the neighboring villages of Pandeytara, Rasulpur, Behera, Dhanbar, Sunderpur Umrauli Antora .

The farmers were shocked to see the orgy of the fire. The farmers informed the fire brigade over phone, but the fire brigade did not reach the spot. Meanwhile, the farmers managed to control the fire by plowing the fields with tractors. By the time it was controlled, more than 100 acres of wheat crop was destroyed.

The crop of these farmers was destroyed
10 bighas of Ramdas resident of Rasulapur, 12 bighas of Bhabhuti, 5 bighas of Dayaram, 10 bighas of Narendra, 8 bighas of Vandana Singh, resident of village Behera, 4 bighas of Ramsaran, 5 bighas of Ramdas, 5 bighas of Narayan, 4 bighas of Ram Singh , Bhabhuti's 5 bigha, Tara village resident Shriram's 8 bigha, Pinku's 4 bigha, Dinesh's 5 bigha, Dayaram's 3 bigha, Tinku's 4 bigha, Siyaram's 5 bigha, Gulab's 4 bigha, Suresh's 8 bigha, Karan Wheat crop of many farmers including 4 bigha of small, 3 bigha of small was destroyed. On information, revenue personnel reached the spot and assessed the damage.(manish)