Focusing on Managed Services model, DigitalTrack ensuring customers infrastructure


S. Vijay Iyer, Director – Professional Service, Digital Track Solutions


As a leading player  
We found the remote working style challenging at first, but as things progressed, it was more productive as our team could reach out to more customers and provide Solutions and Services effectively.


Expanding Service Offerings
As we have adapted to the remote working model, we saw boundaries were no longer a barrier and could expand our services to other geographical areas which otherwise we would have been hesitant too. We also saw the reception was equally well received.


Available solutions to penetrate
We have equipped our team with the required infra and making sure their availability is there even if they are working from a remote place. This enables us to reach our customers with appropriate solutions.


Strategic plans in 2021
We are more focused on our Managed Services model which caters to a large customer base and ensuring our customers infrastructure is up & running of during the challenging times.


Best suited OEM’s Partner programmes
Today most of the OEM’s have a model specific to current scenario and to address the newer challenges. We as an SI are looking to have partnership who have an established MSP model which we can offer to our customers along with our skilled services.