Former judges, diplomats support Modi in open letter, slam critical peers


In the wake of the recent incidents of communal violence, a group of ex-diplomats, IAS, IPS and IRS officers, under the banner of Constitutional Conduct Group (CCG), had written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi last Tuesday asking him to end “hate politics” and expressed concern over the recent instances of communal violence in the country.

To counter the same, a group of 197 retired judges, bureaucrats and Armed forces officers on Saturday wrote another open letter to the PM questioning the motivations of the earlier open letter.

The group of 197 retired officials wrote: “It is a repeated effort to draw attention to themselves as citizens with a higher sense of social purpose, whereas the reality is that this is a manifest political anti-Modi Government exercise which this group undertakes periodically in the belief that they can shape public opinion against the ruling dispensation. This is way for them to release their frustration that public opinion remains solidly behind Prime Minister Modi as recent State elections have shown.”

The letter accused the signatories of the CCG letter of fuelling the politics of hate by “attempting to engineer hate against the present government” and of holding double standards by not raising concern over the post-poll violence in West Bengal.

“The CCG should not give ideological cover to an anti-national outlook as well as religious and left-wing extremism, which they seem to do. These former civil servants should not be orchestrating a false narrative of “colorable use of state power,” the letter said. “Their real intention is to foster a counter narrative against the premeditated attacks on peaceful processions during Hindu festivals, be it in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat or New Delhi,” the letter added.

Among the signatories to the latest letter were eight retired judges, including former Sikkim High Court Chief Justice Permod Kohli, former foreign secretary Kanwal Sibal and former UPSC member and Delhi Police commissioner B.S. Bassi.