Genpact hosts forum to showcase the power of collaboration to transform the Social Sector


Genpact has hosted a leadership forum with EdelGive Foundation to discuss how companies can join forces to transform the non-profit sector. The event featured Genpact Social Impact Fellowship (GSIF) as a successful, scalable program that serves as a model for many other organizations seeking to make a lasting difference in the social sector.


The year-long fellowship program in partnership with EdelGive Foundation deploys process excellence experts to work on high-impact projects in India to bring a systemic change in the social sector.


 “By bringing together the best of Genpact and EdelGive, Genpact Social Impact Fellowship has transformed leading non-profits in India and demonstrated how solving the biggest problems needs the best minds to work together,” said Tiger Tyagarajan, CEO, Genpact. “Our fellows created process-efficient solutions for the non-profit organizations, leading to an amplification of their social impact targets. We are excited to see the program grow and touch many more lives in India.”


 “This is a great platform and we are sure that it will benefit many people across the country. Corporates are now coming together for a better India and we would want to further encourage more companies to be part of such an initiative,” said Rashesh Shah, Chairman and CEO, Edelweiss Group.


The first batch of six GSIF Fellows collaborated with three leading non-profit organizations working in the education sector in India.


The second batch of the fellowship was launched in July 2017 with 16 fellows working with leading non-profits such as Kaivalya Foundation, United Way, Teach for India, Magic Bus and NASSCOM Foundation. Through GSIF, Genpact aims to “partner for good” with more companies and build high impact social programs that can transform the communities where they operate.