Give As You Earn – Why Do Companies Need Employee Giving Program?

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Employee Giving provides NGOs with regular, reliable donations that allow them to plan ahead and budget for the future but that is not the only reason why companies run giving program for their workforce. Employee giving is an effective way to engage with staff on things that matter to them and thereby ensure retention of purpose-oriented people in the organization.

If employee relation with an organization is only based on salary & benefits and the moment yardsticks on any of these variable changes, relationship may get fuddled. But if the organization can connect with the workforce on social issues that matter to them and foster that connection properly by providing opportunities to give money or volunteer time that can surely enhance loyalty, productivity and create more invested workforce.

Gradually this need is recognized by Indian companies as the sense to contribute back to the society is consistently increasing along with the disposable income of working class in India. The recent World Giving Index report has shown huge improvement in India’s ranking on two important parameters – giving money and volunteering time. As the intent to be associated with a purpose oriented organization is becoming an imperative for employees, many companies have set-up employee engagement program to capture the imagination & support employee passion for social good. However, the expected outcomes are still far from reality and a lot needs to be done to see some favourable outcomes.

There are many ways by which employee engagement initiatives can be strengthened and CAF India has been supporting companies to run such programs for almost over a decade now. Our platform is known as Give As You Earn and is centered on the two pillars: Money and Many. Give As You Earn encourages both organization and employee involvement and compliments company’s goal of supporting local community initiatives.


There are many reasons why organizations prefer to be part of Give As You Earn –


Flexible: Employees can choose the charity of their choice to give & volunteer

Credible: NGO’s supported by the program go through a strict due diligence process to qualify to receive grant. So the employee knows that their money is going to the right organization for a right cause.

Convenient: It is convenient for employees to give as their donations get deducted through payroll. We have also created technology enabled solutions that lets employees donate at the click of a button.

Matching grant: Companies can match the giving to amplify the impact to transform lives and communities.

According to Manju Dhasmana, Community Affairs Manager, “Corporate philanthropy and giving culture are one of the many reasons people want to work with Microsoft. Our campaign is one of the world’s largest employee giving programmes; and we believe it sets us apart as we focus our resources and influence to drive a positive impact in the world. Year-on-year, our research shows that Microsoft is seen as a leader in contributing to the economy by creating opportunities for education and skills for the underserved communities. So what we contribute to society ends up flowing back to us as goodwill and positive brand association. (excerpts from IANS)

Pune-based Sachin Mohod said, “I have been inclined to give to a cause, but always felt uneasy due to not knowing if the money was being used appropriately.” But the advent of online platforms and the involvement of corporate India has brought in credibility to the way funds are collected and ensuring that they are used for what they are collected. (Published in Outlook India magazine)

To inculcate the sense of Individual Social Responsibility (ISR), India Inc. can play an important role through employee giving programs. If done properly it can not only nurture consciousness of strategic giving for a more equitable society but also builds a corporate environment that is inspiring, motivating and engaging for the workforce along with bringing positive recognition to the brand.


Let’s get on with Giving!
By Sangeeta Thakral
HOD Marketing & Communication & Employee Giving (CAF India)

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