Gold, silver, diamonds recovered in Bengaluru ACB raid


The Bengaluru Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on Tuesday recovered 4.960 kg gold, 15.02 kg silver and 61.9 grams
of diamonds from the residence of a businessman in Bengaluru’s RT Nagar.

4.960 Kg Gold, 15.02 Kg Silver and 61.9 grams Diamonds (600 cents) recoveredfrom the residence of businessman Mohan in Manorayanapalya, RT Nagar, Bengaluru,” said the ACB in a statement.

The raids are underway at locations of nine middlemen and agents suspected of allegdly influencing the public servants by corrupt or illegal means and by exercising their personal influence.

They are suspected by the ACB of being involved in the malpractices and other irregularities in the activities of the Bangalore Development Authority.

Today ACB Bengaluru City has conducted a search at 9 different places pertaining to 9 middlemen/agents/ touts who are suspected of influencing public servants by corrupt/illegal means /by the exercise of their personal influence thereby involving in malpractices and other irregularities in the activities of Bangalore Development
Authority,” the ACB said .

About 100 officers are conducting the raid under the Supervision of Uma Prashanth, Superintendent of Police of ACB.
Further details are awaited. (MANISH )