H K Behera, President, OCF


The past decade gave all of us an exceptional experience and opportunities in both professional and the personal front. It was a great period of learning, unlearning, skilling, success, failures and excitement and gave an opportunity to utilise our brain and soul actively like never before. The past decade also saw an influence in our professional and personal life by smart phones, business aggregation, industry 4.0, AI, 3D printing, e- mobility etc became common words during professional discussions. We also have learnt how to survive in the most hostile period on economic front. We have seen well run businesses flourishing as well as those erring falling in the past decade. All in all it was an exciting period for all of us!!


Multinational and Start-up companies have started introducing various products specifically for India and the systems that suits the Indian business environment. Many of them are even successful in replicating their leaning & success in India to their overseas markets and the manufacturing facilities are aligning to meet domestic and international requirements. Indian companies started evaluating to expand their businesses onto the next level by harnessing untapped opportunities in India and also started realising the importance of exports for long term sustainability.


I feel, It is also important for every organisation to unleash the human capital and thereby improving the productivity and performance of each function be it production, purchase, maintenance, sales & marketing, customer care and service, HR etc. This will alone help companies to grow manifold with greater internal and external customer satisfaction. There exists opportunities for every organisation to focus on analysing and understanding the needs and pain points of customers and those who are committed to provide solutions to minimise the day to day pain points of end customers shall succeed in this decade. The transactional mode of business interaction will find no place among  B2B  customers and only the relationship mode of interaction will succeed in future too like the past decades. While technology obsession is driving our professional and personal life we should continue to propagate the importance of customer touch & feel during our business interactions.


This decade shall witness spectacular opportunities for several businesses in India. Those who stay focussed on their core strengths and are able to leverage their strengths into new opportunities shall achieve exceptional growth in both domestic and international market.


OCF members have been actively working with organisations from all over the country for their business requirements in tandem with the emerging trends over the past 3 decades . We are grateful to everyone who have supported and extended their goodwill during our journey and are confident of receiving similar support and goodwill moving forward as well.


We wish the entire team of OCF, the stake holders and family members a successful year ahead !