How Technology companies are bringing innovative solutions during COVID-19


In these uncertain times, it motivates us to be self-reliant.


The ongoing crisis due to the COVID-19 outbreak is beyond doubt going to affect the entire economy, but one of the segments that is likely to hit the most is the MSMEs—a sector which accounts for more than 50% of the country’s GDP.


This pandemic can be seen as an opportunity to boost indigenous production, thereby reducing India’s dependency on foreign countries. This depicts a key lesson..


We must learn and implement in the near future. Our nation has sufficient resources that can be mobilised to produce everything we need domestically, be it healthcare, technology, O&G or metals, thereby creating jobs and rapid development. This is the time & opportunity for India 2.0


Many corporates says, Remote Conference Is Inspiring Technology For Good


The Remote working solutions for digital transformation will be more relevant than ever, especially in sectors like healthcare, online collaboration, education, telecommunication and digital cities that will continue to create new opportunities for us, both from the infrastructure and platform stand point .


There is a bigger shift of consumers to digital platforms as a result of social distancing and transportation challenges.

At the same time, Opportunists and fraudsters are likely to exploit the vulnerabilities deriving from changes in the way of working. “We will need to strengthen the control perimeters rapidly and proactively.


India’s $180-billion IT sector has a heavy dependence on business from the US and Europe – making its fortunes integrally linked with the performance of these international markets.


As top clients from these regions reduce their IT spending in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Indian IT companies should leverage their core value proposition and restructure their existing offerings at competitive price points.During this crisis, enterprise networks are seeing a demand for unprecedented levels of virtual collaboration.


Many OEMs including DELL, HPE, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Acer and many others have come out with relief packages for their channel partners with initiatives to inject much needed liquidity into the economy. Customers and partners are navigating through uncertainty and complexity.