How to control Jamtara, Jharkhand promoting Cyber ​​crime


India is the third country in the world to use the Internet. Today, we do banking work, shopping and other daily work through our mobile phones and computers. Today, cybercrime is increasing due to more use of internet, mobile phones and computers. All of us should take necessary precautions to avoid cybercrime. Impressed by the Digital India campaign, the common man is moving towards a cashless economy. The more one move towards the digital economy, at the same time, these type of issues become obvious.


Probably there is no front runner is coming up on how to control Jamtara against Cyber-crime, which is increasing rapidly in Jharkhand, your small mistake or carelessness can empty your bank account.


Falling victim to cybercrime, which is increasing rapidly in Jharkhand. But according to the rate at which crimes are increasing, research is not gaining pace. Because of this, the speed of hearing of cyber cases in courts is slow. It is believed that cybercrime started in Jharkhand from Karmatand village in Jamtara district. Jamtara district has become notorious in the whole country in the case of cybercrime. Cybercrime is spreading out from Jamtara in other districts of Jharkhand too.


It became a headache for the police. Today, not only innocent people are becoming victims of cybercrime, but also judges, officers, intellectuals of the High Court. In 2018 alone, 2865 cases of cybercrime were reported in Jharkhand. 243 cases were reported in Ranchi district, 246 in Jamshedpur, 233 in Jamtara. In other districts, less than 100 cases of cybercrime were reported. Out of this, the police has submitted a report in only 1,012 cases.


While the police is not getting the desired success due to lack of information technology. At the same time, research of cases is affected due to lack of trained officers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new dimension in today’s fear. On the issue of artificial intelligence, provisions in the law and new elections have come in curbing cybercrime.

The hacker hacks the machine by putting the device in the ATM. The ATM machine withdraws money by acquiring a QR-code hacker in sleeping mode. Cyber criminals cheat by becoming insurance company employees or bank workers by pretending to block ATMs, update Aadhaar cards, etc. There is an attempt to cheat from phone calls, e-mail, SMS etc. The cyber criminals withdraw money from the account of those who get into the hoax. Such cyber criminals also ask for information about your account by giving a message about lottery. Card cloning is also done during debit, credit card ATM installation, payment from POS machine.


The best way to protect your personal information and password. Do not reveal debit card, credit card number to anyone. Perform firewall technology, proxy server and secure router configuration. Secure email functionality. Use caution when opening an attached item on an email. Unknown e-mails do not open or reply without confirmation and do not click on unknown links in any email such as jokes, videos. Do not reveal your PIN, OTP or password to anyone.


Make password strong Include characters, numeric and special characters in the password. Do not share the password with anyone. The password is eight to 10 digits strong.