India under Modi is the 5th biggest geopolitical risk in 2020: Eurasia


India under Narendra Modi is the fifth biggest geopolitical risk of 2020, according to the world’s leading political risk consultancy, Eurasia Group.


The consultancy’s annual ‘Top 10 Risks’ of the year list is considered one of the foremost geopolitical indicators among global investors, multinational firms and various financial and business consultancies.


“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spent much of his second term promoting controversial social policies at the expense of an economic agenda. The impacts will be felt in 2020, with intensified communal and sectarian instability, as well as foreign policy and economic setbacks,” said the Eurasia Group’s report.


Titled ‘India gets Modi-fied’, the analysis has been co-authored by the president of Eurasia Group, Ian Bremmer.


It’s a change of position for Bremmer, who had earlier argued that “Modi is India’s best hope for economic reform” in the May 2019 edition of Time magazine, the same edition in which author Aatish Taseer had called the Prime Minister “Divider-in-Chief”.


The top three risks on the list are increasingly unstable US domestic politics under President Donald Trump, “decoupling” of US and China in the technology sphere, and hostile US-China relations.