Indian scientists in Australia a few steps away from developing a coronavirus vaccine


The novel coronavirus has already claimed nearly 600 lives and infected about 30, 000 or more patients and is still spewing on. The doctors, researchers, scientists are trying every bit to reach the vaccine.


Indian scientists from Australia have brought a ray of hope, and are reaching near the research for developing a vaccine against the deadly infection.


The first batch of the virus was developed in a high-security lab at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) by the Indian citizen Professor SS Vasan-led team, when researchers at Australia’s Doherty Institute were able to isolate the virus from a human sample.


Vasan, who is a BITS Pilani and IISc-Bengaluru alumni, informed about the work on diagnostics, surveillance, and response carried out by his colleagues at the Animal Health Laboratory in Australia.


He believes that the studies will now accelerate the development and evaluation of therapeutics to compliment vaccines. The lab in CSIRO will now work on increasing the virus stock for preclinical studies.