Indian tech sector has the Potential to have 500 + companies to have Rs 5,000 crore business, says Rajeev Chandrasekhar


There is a potential to increase the number of Indian technology companies that have revenue of Rs 5,000 crore and above to 500-600 from the current 25 in the next three to four years, said Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MoS of electronics and IT. “We should have an ambition, and it’s a realizable ambition,” he said while addressing the annual session of industry body CII. He said that the number one priority for the ministry is about expanding the digital economy to a trillion dollars.


The minister said one of the top priorities of the government is to drive the connectivity of the internet and cover all Indians by 2024-2025, a large part of that will be driven by the BharatNet project.


Chandrasekhar has highlighted the role of technology, which has transformed the financial sector in last several years. Districts which have never had any contact with the government in months could get direct financial transfer in the accounts during the pandemic.


Chandrasekhar further said the massive digitisation initiatives in the country over the past years and the post-Covid world scenario have brought out the biggest opportunities like no other time in history. “We have seen the power of technology in the worst time that a nation could face, which is the Covid pandemic.


To me, it seems that the efforts of last seven years and post-Covid world opportunity that we have catapulted to, represent the biggest opportunity like no other time in history,” he said.


He also said that, the government will work towards simplifying cyberlaws for ease of doing business and focusing on high tech like quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI).