Infosys Environmental Sustainability Initiatives at Bangalore campus


Infosys has recently launched its 10th Sustainability Report highlighting the various responsible business practices undertaken by the company across economic, social and environmental parameters in accordance with the Global Reporting initiative G4 (comprehensive) guidelines on 12th of this month. In line with its sustainability policy, Infosys has focused its efforts on enhancing environmental performance by improving energy efficiency, becoming water sustainable, minimizing waste-to- landfills, increasing the use of renewable energy, reducing carbon footprint and contributing to biodiversity.


In order to reduce carbon footprint and to make it renewable energy, Infosys has invested in various energy efficiency measures including lighting, UPS, building management systems, facade retrofit projects. The company has also Installed 15.2 MW solar capacity (rooftop + ground-mount) across India since 2009.


To address food waste management in an integrated manner, the company has installed biogas plants with an overall capacity of 9.25 TPD across various campuses. Infosys has set up a fully automated biogas plant at its Bangalore campus, with a capacity to treat two tonnes of food waste per day. The plant also allows online monitoring and reduces manual operations and errors. Furthermore, the company also has 3.1 TPD installed capacity of composting plants in different campuses including Bangalore.


In approach to address sewage sludge from waste water treatment plants, Infosys has collaborated with Leibniz University, Germany, and has engineered a fully automated solar-heat assisted greenhouse dryer at Bangalore and Mysore.


These facilities now have a cumulative treating capacity of 1.2 million kg of sludge annually. The wet sludge is dried and sanitized in the greenhouse, resulting in an annual fertilizer production of over 300 tonnes.


Infosys has also undertaken a pioneering project to showcase precast technology in India and is executing a 4.95 lakh sq. ft. facility in Bangalore using this technology.


Moving into the new fiscal, the company will continue to innovate and nurture a new idea that has the potential to tackle the environmental challenges of today and the future.