Inkers.ai conducts workshop on ‘Artificial Intelligence in Medical Science’


Inkers.ai, an AI Start-up conducts the first of its Kind Workshop on ‘AI in Medical Science’ exclusive to the Healthcare Segment at Ramaiah Medical College. The event attended by over 100 senior doctors and medical professors, discussed briefly, on how AI has made in-roads into Health Analytics, Hospital Operations, Complex Medical Diagnosis, Imaging, Pain Analysis, and what the future holds.


The event also emphasized on the Myths associated with AI and how with advancing technologies has developed AI/ML tools which are easy to use and can allow medical professionals to focus on the problem, rather than on the code.


Speaking on the use of AI in the medical domain, Rohan Shravan (Founder & CEO) said, “AI is poised to make radical changes in Healthcare, transforming areas such as diagnosis, genomics, surgical robotics, and drug discovery. In the coming years, artificial intelligence has the potential to lower healthcare costs, identify more effective treatments, and facilitate prevention and early detection of diseases.” This seminar was the first in a series for “AI for Medical Sciences” being conducted by Inkers.ai.