Is King Kim Jong Un using his body double?


The mystery about North Korean King Kim Jong Un’s death and presence has been doing rounds since many days. The health of the supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un has been a subject of great interest to the media and governments around the world. The news about his ill health or death was put to rest… or can we say it sparked more flames then, when he finally reappeared last week after a gap of 20 days, cutting the ribbon at the opening of a fertilizer factory, speculation was inevitable.


Given the fact that Kim had been mysteriously missing from the public eye amid the coronavirus pandemic, only to resurface almost a month later without any explanation has led to a number of conspiracy theories.


Before this, Kim had last been seen in the beginning of April. Soon after, news reports of him being in poor health or having just undergone heart surgery began doing the rounds.


While some news reports posted of him undergoing surgery, ill health or even being on death bed!


These were just some of the rumours surrounding the supreme leader. North Korea tried to put all rumours to rest with Kim arriving for a public event on May 2, looking quite healthy.


However, a few refused to believe the news and are now convinced that Kim Jong Un is probably using a body double to compensate for his ailing health.


Conspiracy theories suggest that like other dictators (including Adolph Hitler who notoriously used multiple body doubles as well as Saddam Hussain), Kim also has been using a doppelganger to make public appearances on his behalf.


Twitter users have been analysing photos from Kim’s latest appearance and those taken previously, with special emphasis on his teeth and ears, to understand if a body double has been used.


Former member of the British Parliament Louise Mensch is convinced that Kim’s teeth look very different from the ones that had been taken a few years ago. An international paper reports that Kim Jong has earlier used body doubles numerous times and often uses them to ward off assassination attempts by his enemies.