Jahangirpuri violence case: Delhi Police on look-out for missing links in Bengal


Delhi Police have tracked down three more people in Bengal on suspicion of involvement in the Jahangirpuri violence case. The police are also probing if the accused have any financial links in Bengal.

New links are being added to the chain of events as three more accused in Jahangirpuri violence case have been tracked down by Delhi police in Haldia, West Bengal.

Recently, it was found that two main accused detained by the Delhi Police — Sonu Sheikh and Ansar Sheikh — own expensive cars and run a scrap business in West Bengal.

Nine people were injured in clashes that broke out between two communities during a Hanuman Jayanti procession in northwest Delhi’s Jahangirpuri area on Saturday evening. Among those injured were several police personnel.

Meanwhile, a police team met relatives of an accused, identified as Jakir. They said that Jakir left the village years back and went to Delhi.

A woman who claimed to be a relative of Jakir said, “Police came here looking for Jakir in connection with the Delhi violence case. He doesn’t live here. I am his relative. He was married to a girl from the village. So he does visit his in-laws frequently. I don’t know what business he was involved in there in Delhi.

Delhi police are also probing details of three others who are from Haldia.

Police sources said some of the accused have been arrested already, while some are still on the run.

he police are also probing if these accused have had any financial links in Bengal.(MANISH)