Jammu and Kashmir to come Normal soon: PM Modi


Abolition of Article 370 will bring a newer opportunity in a new era of prosperity and peace, says PM and promising on early Assembly elections.


Article 370 is now history, said Modi, adding that a new order is in place to eradicate separatism and terrorism.


In a TV address amid heightened security and tensions in J&K, he said “temporary and cautionary measures” have been taken to prevent any untoward fallout of the steps taken to abolish Article 370 and reorganise the State into two and Ladakh, will continue to be a UT with the Centre entirely responsible for its development.



“We have given…due consideration and thought. Under Governor’s rule, the Centre is in charge and our governance policies and developmental projects are slowly showing signs of picking up momentum,” he said.


“The abolition of Article 370 is a reality. It is also a reality that it is the people of Jammu and Kashmir who are bearing the brunt of the cautionary measures taken to avoid any untoward fallout of this decision,” Modi said.


 “I want to make it clear to the people of Jammu and Kashmir that your representatives will come from amongst you in the same way as you have so far chosen your MLAs, Chief Ministers and MPs. Under the new order, we will free J&K from the scourge of terrorism and separatism. The Paradise on Earth will be restored to its glory. Ease of living will be ensured and all citizens will get equal rights,” Modi address.


He further said, that it was natural in a democracy for some people to disagree with the decision to abolish Article 370 and 35A. However, he said, this was an idea whose time had come.


The good thing for the netizens of J & K is, people of the State have been deprived the benefits of Right to Education, Minimum Wages Act, statutes ensuring the rights of minorities and scheduled castes and schedules tribes because of Article 370 and with the natural corollary of the abolition of Article 370, will lead to the advance of tourism, industrial growth and infrastructural development.


Lastly, Modi said, The festival Eid just a few days away. I want to assure all citizens of J&K that the Centre would ensure the safety and security of every one of our brothers and sisters in the celebration of this festival and uniting the families on this auspicious occasion.